What is co-extruded multi-layer film?

When two or more Polymers are molted simultaneously to form a single sheet of film, that film is known as “Co-Extruded Multi-Layer Film” and process is known as Co-Extrusion.

In Flexible Packaging, no single Layer of Film can give all required properties. In order to achieve all selected Polymers were melted in such a way that form a film with Unique Properties of all Films.

Co-extrusion is the process where two or more polymers are extruded together to make a composite film.

Type of Co-Extruded Plants

  • 3 Layer (most common)
  • 5 Layer
  • 7 Layer
  • 9 Layer
  • 11 Layer

The selection of layers depends upon end properties required as well as items to be packed.